Investments are what they are… A commodity nothing more ; nothing less.

The key to supporting fiduciary compliance is offering participants the right mix of different asset classes and styles from which they can construct appropriate strategies.  To assist in this process, all investment selections offered are monitored by our Chief Investment Officer and sorted by Morningstar Category.  This helps you avoid the fund “overlap” which is common in many plans and makes it easier to determine whether you are providing an appropriately diverse set of choices.

The strategy is quite simple by following the a simple rule of asset allocation. Make sure that you have investment options in each of the major categories regardless if the specific category was in favor at the time and monitor and replace as needed.

Style EQUStyle fixedAdd in a series of target date offerings as well as a suite of index’s and international options; and the foundation of a firms retirement plan has been set.

The final piece of the puzzle is to monitor each investment against its pier group for performance, total cost , style drift in addition to other factors. See the  sample report (link at the top of the page) to get a better feel on how we monitor investments.